Chefs Soup of the Day (V)​​​​
With a warm roll and Butter

Warm Crispy Bacon and Poached Egg Salad​
With Diced Peppers, Tomatoes and Cucumber, Drizzled with a French dressing and topped with Croutons

Garlic Mushrooms​
Mushrooms Fried in Garlic Butter and smothered with cream, served with 2 slices of Garlic Bread

Chicken Goujons ​
A choice of 3 Dips: Sweet Chilli, BBQ and Garlic Mayo

Classic Prawn Cocktail​​​​​ ​
Crisp lettuce, Prawns, seafood sauce and a Lemon wedge.

Sharing Platter (2 people) ​​​​​ ​
4 x breaded garlic mushrooms, 2 x Chicken Goujons, 4 x Garlic Bread, 4 x chicken Wings and Potato Wedges Served with 3 dipping sauces(Garlic Mayo, Sweet Chilli, BBQ)

Goats cheese and Cranberry Tartlet (V)​​ ​​​​​ ​
, with a Balsamic Dressed Salad